class OAuth2::Session


An OAuth2 session makes it easy to implement APIs that need to refresh an access token once its expired before executing an HTTP request.

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Class Method Detail

def : Client, access_token : AccessToken, expires_at = Time.utc_now, &callback : OAuth2::Session -> ) #

Creates an OAuth2::Session.


  • oauth2_client: the OAuth2::Client used to refresh an access token.
  • access_token: the OAuth2::AccessToken to make requests.
  • expires_at: the Time when the access token expires.
  • callback: invoked when an access token is refreshed, giving you a chance to persist it.

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Instance Method Detail

def access_token : OAuth2::AccessToken #

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def authenticate(http_client) #

Authenticates an HTTP::Client, refreshing the access token if it is expired.

Invoke this method on an HTTP::Client before executing an HTTP request.

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def expires_at : Time #

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def oauth2_client : OAuth2::Client #

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