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Crystal 0.12.0 released!

16 Feb 2016 por asterite

Crystal 0.12.0 has been released!

The major feature of this release is IO encoding support.

Strings in Crystal always denote UTF-8 encoded characters. Before this release, if you read a file whose encoding wasn’t UTF-8 the String ended with invalid byte sequences, and there was no way to specify the encoding.

Now you can do it, both for writing and reading. For example, to read a file encoded in, say, GB2312, you do:

File.read("file.txt", encoding: "GB2312")

The encoding can be set on all IOs (files, sockets, pipes, memory):

# Write a string encoded in GB2312 in memory
io = MemoryIO.new
io.set_encoding "GB2312"
io.print "你好"

# See the resulting bytes
puts io.to_slice # => [196, 227, 186, 195]

Additionally, HTTP::Client will use the charset specified in the Content-Type header so you can now fetch non-UTF-8 web sites.

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